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Friday, June 18, 2010

George Eisman, Founder of VEGEDINE, and profession changer

A Most Noble Dad
Raising vegan kids to be compassionate contributors to society may be the mark of a most noble dad. George Eisman is just such a dad. As a Registered Dietitian, he knows the many health benefits of a plant-based diet and has raised his kids accordingly. George’s 24-year-old son Thomas and 15 year-old daughter Sarah have been raised vegan since birth. He says, “We seek out new foods, new recipes, and new restaurants to experience and inspire us to inspire others to eat in a way that is healthful, humane, and environmentally friendly.”
George is the co-founder of the Vegetarian Nutrition Practice Group and is the author of two books, The Most Noble Diet and A Basic Course in Vegetarian and Vegan Nutrition. He'll be speaking on nutrition at the upcoming Animal Rights 2010 National Conference.
Check out George's bio and other AR2010 presenters at!

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