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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Renaissonics - Vegan Early Music Group in Greater Boston

Renaissonics, a Vegan Early Music Group in Greater Boston, tours in many configurations--from a quartet featuring Renaissance Chamber Music to as many as 10, or more, presenting gala Renaissance Dance and Music spectacles.

Renaissonics tours as a vegan group group of musicians. Many of its members are fully vegan all the time, and the others are totally happy eating vegan with those real vegans.

Its members (as of 2005) were:
Dan Ryan - cello
James Johnston - violin'
Miyuki Tsurutani - virginal recorders, crumhorn
Laura Gulley - violin
Douglas Freundlich - lutes
John Tyson - recorders, crumhorn, pipe and trbor
Nancy Hurrell - harps
Eric Galm - percussion

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